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Sunday September 15, 2019 Long Pond, Harwich, MA-Early Bird Town Ramp
October 13, 2019 Wequaquet Lake-Centerville-Early Bird Town Ramp
April 19, 2020 Long Pond Harwich Town Ramp
April 26, 2020 Mashpee-Wakeby-Mashpee State Ramp
May 3, 2020 Wequaquet Lake-Centerville Town Ramp
May 17, 2020 Watuppa-Fall River State Ramp
May 31, 2020 Webster Lake-Webster State Ramp
June 7, 2020 Long Pond-Freetown State Ramp
  2020 Two Day Championship  
June 27, 2020 Johns Pond-Mashpee State Ramp
June 28, 2020 Long Pond-Freetown State Ramp
  2020 Joseph H Barnicle Memorial  
October 4, 2020 Mashpee-Wakeby-Mashpee State Ramp
  2021 Early Birds  
Sept 13, 2020 Wequaquet Lake-Centerville Tonw Ramp
October 11, 2020 Lond Pond-Harwich Town Ramp
*Please Note*
Off limits is Thursday, Friday and Saturday prior to the Sunday for Wequaquet only

There are no off limits to prefish prior to our events except for Wequaquet
All events start at 7am and end at 3pm