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To all ABA Division 5 Members:

For those of you who have not been able to fish events I feel your pain. Since I am not allowed to fish even pick up events, it threatens my ability to get future permits or have the permits I do have cancelled, I have missed being out there competing. Like most of you I have been out more this year then in the last few just due to the time I have had. In that regard it has been a great season. However it appears that after June 29th we will be allowed to hold events legally as long as we follow some precautions. I will forward the recommendations of how we should conduct ourselves at the upcoming events.I have had to dramatically alter the schedule including adding many ponds we have not had as part of our regular schedule due to limited options and permit availability. I have submitted for access to the following. I apologize in advance as I know everyone will be trying to cram all their events into a significantly shortened season. If you can attend I appreciate it, if not I understand the demands on your time.~Dan Rose

Sunday July 19, 2020 6am-2pm Congamond Lake-Southwick State Ramp
Sunday August 9, 2020 6am-2pm Johns Pond-Falmouth State Ramp
Saturday August 22, 2020 6am-2pm West Monponsett-Halifax State Ramp
Sunday August 23, 2020 6am-2pm Ashumet Pond-Falmouth State Ramp
    2020 Two Day Championship  
Saturday September 5, 2020 *7am-3pm* Long Pond-Freetown State Ramp
Sunday September 6, 2020 6am-2pm Johns Pond-Falmouth State Ramp
    2020 Joseph H Barnicle Memorial  
October 4, 2020 7am-3pm Mashpee-Wakeby-Mashpee State Ramp
    2021 Early Birds  
Sept 13, 2020 7am-3pm Wequaquet Lake-Centerville Town Ramp
October 11, 2020 7am-3pm Lond Pond-Harwich Town Ramp
*Please Note*

There are no off limits to prefish prior to our events.